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About Us

Thank you for visiting us today. We appreciate your interest. We are a team composed of parents, professionals and students with a goal of making your life easier and more affordable. As a team of motivated professionals not only do we create strategies that help you and our partners gain exposure online, we help you save money on the products services and goods you use most. Along the way we work to help strenghthen relationships in local communities through our support programs for parents, women, minorities, life event survivors and children with disabilities.

For our clients and parnters we facilitate and deliver initiatives to broaden brand name recognition, media exposure and program promotion. While we work with partner domains to carry out a full suite of services, here we provide you with real-time deals, discounts and pizza hut coupons to help you find the best offers any city has to offer. Along the way we invite your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


chris rollinsChris Rollins

Director of Operations

“Since our inception our goal has been to make online shopping easy, enjoyable, hassle free and cost effective at every turn. This we never lose sight of.”


wendy stillsWendy Stills

Paid Search Manager

“As a mother and avid online shopper myself I know what your expectations are while you’re shopping and because of this, I’m able to bring you exactly what you want. Fast, cheap and high quality.”


Grant Webb

Outreach Manager

“If it’s not obvious by my smile, I absolutely love what I do! Everyday I’m building relationships with retailers, link partners, parents, students and merchants across the country and I’m yet to have the same conversation twice.”



Syan Garcia

Syan Ramos

Outreach Coordinator

“As a foreign exchange student and someone who has relied on scholarships and numerous support programs myself, I love being able to help others during their time of need. Every time I help someone it gives me a sense of accomplishment.”



rebecca groves

Rebecca Groves

Social Media Manager

“Let’s be honest, as a millennial I spend half my life on social media. For me it just made sense to find a career that allows me to be on social media all day every day and get paid for it. Literally.”


Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

SEO and Analytics Manager

“Now that we know all the numbers, what do we do with that information? We use it to make smarter more informed decisions that ultimately make living your life easier and cheaper.”



As a team we work specifically to surpass the expectations of our visitors and shoppers by delivering to you a comfortable user experience. Our deals, discounts, promotions and other offers are a simple method of saving money on the items you’re already consuming. From our printable offers to email offers we have you and the experience in mind.

We walk and talk in circles with a passion as thinkers to figure out how to deliver to you the products and services you use most often. We think this is a benchmark of great companies. We like to think we’ve made our product offerings pretty easy to view and navigate so while you’re here we invite your feedback. The team members that make up our collective staff are a group of very talented people all of which participated in the creation of our support programs all while building out our web property so we may have missed a thing or two and would appreciate a heads up if you come across something str8nge.

Continually growing a diverse and plentiful collection of savings opportunities is what we call the “10,000 foot view”. It’s what we’re trying to do on a broader scope. On a regular basis though we’re testing touching and redesigning your shopping experience in hopes that we eventually get it just right so no matter when or where you are you receive a comfortable experience. Along the way we invite you to leave reviews and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is essential in our continued improvement.

This website is individually owned and operated by people just like you. We participate in various affiliate promotions, programs and networks including but not limited to those that may or may not include the product and/or service providers listed on our website. Though we happily support the amazing products and services provided by those listed on our website, we do not specifically endorse any specific company, product or service and visa versa applies. With that being said, we do work to ensure our offerings come from respected parties by vetting them appropriately.

The internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. Good thing. This gives us plenty of time to build your shopping experience with long term shopping success in mind.

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