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Life hacks for parents of young babies | OMG! September 2017 Pizza Hut Coupons That Work | CLICK NOW!

Parenting Life Hacks You Need to Know About!

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Parenting Life Hacks You Need to Know About!

#1 During bathing time you’ll love this. Put a basket in the bathtub so your child’s toys don’t float away. This will help maintain their focus on the toys as they’re closer which will likely help keep them focused and still. Less squirming is the goal.
#2 Babies on their bellies. There’s literally a baby onze that has mop material on one side. The area your baby crawls over will get a good buffing. The mop material doubles as extra padding to your baby’s front side.

#3 Shower caps for babies. Don’t even bother making the mistake of allowing liquids to continually make contact with your baby’s eyes. Use a cap. They’re adustable and pretty durable. Cheap too. When baby’s get anything in their eyes it’s a fit waiting to happen.

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